Top 10 Things I Want for My Bedroom

A list written by Lee Sonogan

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My Bedroom is where I spend most of my time. I find solitude in my room and it is where I write. Saying that there is much room for improvement. But, what do I need that will be practical? And what is in my price range? This list is in no particular order, while it is just ideas off the top of my head that I think would be good to have right now.

  1. More empty sleeves for books and Graphic novels – (Having an extra bookcase now, I have room for more books. I like holding books and graphic novels in these sleeves to protect them from any damage.)
  2. An overhead fan – (Currently in Australia it is Summer. So it is pretty darn hot. Also, my room is hit by the sun all day. Put up some blinds on the windows helped, but a fan would be even better if it was a low energy one.)
  3. Back up keyboard – (Buying cheap keyboards worth 10 bucks I would never need to get a quality one or and I could stock up on cheap keyboards.)
  4. A mini fridge – (If I had a fridge in my room that was small I could use it to store cold liquids while it is hot during the Summer and not use it during the winter.)
  5. Defensive quality whip – (I used to have a whip, but I broke it while I was practising how to use it. It would be the ultimate long-range defensive weapon to put next to my bed and better than the hook on a stick I have at the moment. These weapons are for just in case there is a situation that I need it and I am prepared.)
  6. One epic piece of art on the wall – (If I could get a painting or image in a frame that was just perfect, that would be amazing. Something strong with detail while)
  7. Multi-use charger – (Batteries do not last forever. With the various devices I have now, as they get harder to charge, some sort of multi charger could be useful.)
  8. Oculus Rift/Virtual reality – (I want virtual reality. It has more than one use that I could use it for. I am interested in the video games with VR that I have not played yet. A 3D creating app from it would be fun to use in y room. And Virtual Reality is only just started and I wanna be there when the technology starts to advance.)
  9. Desk movable over my bed – (I have a desk that is big enough for three monitors for various devices, but not in the right position next and above my bed. If I had a more adjustable deck I could reposition it all better.)
  10. Laptop for bed writing – (Sitting too much at my computer chair, it sure would be sweet to have an extra laptop to work on my blog, watch stuff and other writing projects.)

I hope my wants for my bedroom does not seem too greedy. Not needing much, this list is just potential ideas. While the top two images used in this post are of my bedroom and one is from my short film, shot in my bedroom.
Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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