To Do List (2018-2019) Conclusion

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As 2019 is just around the corner. Re-posting the list labelled To Do List (2018-2019), it is now time for the conclusion of these goals. Even though I wrote the last list on the 31st of December,2017, I am writing a conclusion to this list right now. In bold will be the list I wrote last year. And in the brackets, not bolded are my conclusion answers.

My writing
  • Create 500 written posts on this website and more (Done and done!)
  • The website needs an upgraded plan in March (Considering getting a business plan) (Brought that business plan and it runs out March 2019)
  • Come up with new original content and interesting ideas (Released first short film, made some original poems and wrote more articles.)
  • Finish and write more written interviews (As of right now I have to in the process of finishing.)
  • Create more polls and questions (Only the questions for the written interviews. Sadly no polls.)
  • Get my drafts to 10 or under while still coming up with new drafts (I currently have 146 drafts on this blog. As I have posted, I have come up with new draft ideas to be prepared.
  • Find a place to print Power From Within: Vol 1 hardcopies and sell them myself (Checking Amazon, I see that I can get 5 copies of my Novella for ten bucks in American money.)
  • Complete Power From Within: Vol 2 first draft (Novella) (Sadly I have not finished it. But, worked on it sometimes, developing ideas of interest with it.)
  • Complete Vengeance of a Brutal cry editing and proofreading (Novel) (I got this printed out and done some editing this year. But about way through I found a paragraph that needs to be rewritten.)
  • Complete 1 vs 1 editing and proofreading (Movie script) (I managed to get someone to read it and they liked it. Giving me a 7.5/10 for the movie script.)
  • Find a movie production company to sell 1 vs 1 movie script to (Still Looking)
  • Work on various ideas and projects that I have not shown to people (Decent amount of done on these projects.)
  • Gather enough submissions to finish the writing contest on my website (Canceled due to no one submitting anything. Will try again in the future.)
  • Make more promotional videos for website and/or extra (Added links to videos on my video game channel on YouTube.)
  • Collaborate more in the blogging and writing communities (Started collaborating with the website and shared my stuff on social media and various other related sites.)
  • Expand the network of people who read and contribute to the website (Started sharing other blog’s content on my website. Even made a category of it called Shared Content.)
  • More contests and competitions? (I have entered some content into writing competitions and extra. And as I said I will have a new contest on my blog in the near future.)
  • More creative poems (I have created some decent new poems.)
  • More fictional short stories (Mostly working on my other projects but I do have a new movie script I am writing that will come out in parts.)
  • Send more pitches of ideas out to online and other publications (I have done this and gotten only a few responses.)
  • More references to information in my written content (No direct links for references but reference lots in my writing on my blog.)
  • More free promoting and advertising (Got a second Facebook. Working on my Instagram. YouTube channels. Pages and groups on social media. Paid promotion. And various more!)
  • Find something interesting to live stream on Facebook (Having NBN now, I am able to do this. I have been live streaming recently on my YouTube.)
  • More categories on website to find older posts in a different way (Added more older posts in the lists of older content category.)
  • More posting on and (Shared more on Reddit and have current answered 539 questions on
  • Maybe make new groups and pages on social media in different topics and themes (I have made a group called UNGROOVYGORDS Productions on Facebook and various other pages that I working on.)
  • (More in-depth ideas will come to me in January next year) (And they did)

My personal life

  • Join a writing group (Only online.)
  • Find long-term work and do it while still writing (Did it for 6 months between February and July. I successfully continued to blog while working.)
  • Buy more books and graphic novels (In February of 2018 I brought some books.)
  • Read more classic fiction books (Reading Rage by Stephen King, this book counts.)
  • Read more non-fiction books (There is a lot of non-fiction books I want to read. If I had them in my possession I would have read some this year.)
  • See more live music (Sadly I have not done this)
  • Go see a comedy show (Jim Jefferies was in Australia this year. But it was expensive while being the same set of comedy stand up I have already watched by him.)
  • Go see a live performance (Went and saw NJPW live this year.)
  • Get my telescope working (Something I need to set up asap.)
  • Try some relevant short courses (In the process of organing a free course for next year.)
  • Throw out a lot of old clothes and get new ones (Got a bag of old clothes now.)
  • Use my metal detector and find gold or something else interesting (Went out and used it a few times.)
  • Set up my punching bag (This has not been done. Need someone to help me move it.)
  • Practise music on my keyboard (A few times.)
  • Stock up a stash of straight bourbon (Have not done and probably not a good thing to invest in any way.)
  • Spend time with my pet rat (Passed away – RIP)
  • Go to that video game bar near the city (Still have not done this.)
  • Talk to someone I have not talked to in a long time (It was short, but I did.)
  • Go back to doing yoga (Sometimes using YouTube videos.)
  • Do more experiments (Only experimentation with writing and ideas.)
  • Buy Red Eye energy drink in bulk (Not in bulk but, got it)
  • Get more video games on my Nintendo Switch (Got Pokemon Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!)
  • Fix my PS4 while keeping all my saved data (Still broken. Currently with a freind who says he can fix it.)
  • Keep writing in my journal (Ended full time at the start of the year. Done a few times to organise information for something.)
  • (More in-depth ideas will come to me in January next year) (And I did)

Even though this originally was a list off the top of my head. I did a decent amount of stuff this year. Even stuff not listed in the past list. Got 2019 and beyond to finish this list and a new list to make. Stay tuned for the new list of To Do List (2019-2020) before the end of the year.
Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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