Flashpoint, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2011) Graphic novel

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One of the best DC Comics crossover stories ever told. In an altered DC Universe, Barry Allen goes back in time to stop his mother’s murder and then this one action changes everything you have previously known about DC Comics. Changing the status quo for the DC Universe, it helped the launch of the New 52. Released originally in 2011, the story has to lead to prequels, stories in future comic stories, an animated movie and much more. The writer of this series was Geoff Johns and the artist, Andy Kubert.

Owning this graphic novel and all the prequel graphic novels, there are too many differences and points of interest in this story arc to describe. But I will describe what happens to each member of the Justice League. In this new world Aquaman and Wonder Woman have become evil and at war with each other due to a past failed marriage. Superman did not crash as a baby in Kansas but a large city. And Batman is not Bruce Wayne. But in fact, the night of Bruce’s parent’s death happened in the opposite. Bruce died and his father became the Batman.

If you have not seen the animated movie yet, you should watch the video from YouTube below from Comicstorian. This may be This may be The Flash’s best story as the main protagonist. And also The Reverse Flash’s one as well. This time-travelling concept is done to perfection. Each individual story is very interesting and continues to develop as it goes. The visual style complements all character scenes and action. It all leads to a powerful ending that is worth reading. I recommend this graphic novel to all fans of DC Comics and fans of The Flash tv show. This graphic novel is way better than the Flashpoint episode apart of the television show.


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