Stem Cells: Repairing Cells

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Stem cell research can revolutionize medicine, more than anything since antibiotics.” – Ron Reagan

Stem Cells will be the healing medicine of the future. The cells are already abundant in your body. Your entire body is made up of cells. They are the building blocks to all living things. Cells are consistently making copies of themselves, replenishing your body’s organs and tissues each and every day. Stem cells have the ability to divide and create more cells, both new stem cells and differentiated cells. You can only imagine what these extra cells can do

Over the years, stem cells have long been thought to hold the key for curing disease, regenerating organs and even keeping a body young. It is a lot more complicated than that, but they still hold possibilities for the future of medicine. Based on research at the Texas A&M Health Science Center recently, we do know that they can help repair bone and potentially cure cancer. Also it has been successful towards fighters and the older generation with repairing damaged and dying muscles.

More possible future uses from stem cells:
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Spinal-cord injury
  • Strokes
  • Burns
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • And much more!

First hearing about stem cells by a South Park episode, I thought it was just another medical experiment that wont work. After watch the Joe Roe Experience below with Mel Gibson I see the importance and practical uses of it as a medicine. As technology is the fasted growing medium in history, medicine is catching up with new science and positive results. I highly recommend watching the podcast below to learn more about stem cells and an expert on the subject.

“Without a doubt, stem cell research will lead to the dramatic improvement in the human condition and will benefit millions of people.” – Eli Broad
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