The Dogma of Modern Tribalism

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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“What are the nature and the causes of modern tribalism? Philosophically, tribalism is the product of irrationalism and collectivism. It is a logical consequence of modern philosophy. If men accept the notion that reason is not valid, what is to guide them and how are they to live?” – The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought

Tribalism explains a lot of what is going on today,

Us vs Them mentality is not leading us anywhere,

People are engaging in toxic tribalism everyday,

You are forced to pick sides or be lonely in despair.

We need each other to survive,

Without constant communication, society becomes toxic,

Dogma and dysfunction becomes the standard in supply,

It is in human nature and historic.


Demonization is the first quality of someone being tribal,

Labelling other groups or people,

Becoming unconsciously primal,

Your attitudes and behavior can become unequal.

Black People vs White Poeple,

Liberalism vs Consevatism,

Each subject or topic related does get lethal,

It is degenration with it’s egoism.


True Individualism is the cure,

With a sense of community, anyone can be seduced by the context of a group,

Entertain contreadictory ideas you find pure,

Be kind, and do not go in head first taking a scoop.

Group idenitys have rules and fixed regulations,

It will limit you if you are a fully developed individual,

Mass society deserves better meaningful relations,

Being productive and positive towards all groups of people is critical.
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