Video Games: The Movie, a documentary review

A documentary review written by: Lee Sonogan

1h41min (2014) Action, history

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IMDB describes this documentary as learn how video games are made, marketed, and consumed by looking back at gaming history and culture through the eyes of game developers, publishers, and consumers. If you have played video games through the ages, this is a documentary for you. From Pong to Modern Times. Many experts and celebrities interviews and arcade games to world competitions for millions of dollars.

With a budget of $109,025, it made $23,043 at the box office. The director and writer of this documentary said “about 45 hours of footage” was shot for the film. Some respective video game systems that didn’t make the cut during the console timeline display were Odyssey 2 1978, Atari 5200 1982, Neo Geo 1990, Sega CD 1992, 3DO 1994, and Sega Saturn 1995 to name a few.

The ultimate example of art and science working together. In the next thirty to forty years video games will be unimaginable. This documentary proves that argument. Full of a compilation of various video game footage, this documentary was produced by Zack Braff. Even though this documentary has gaps and does not tell you everything, I still found it an interesting documentary. I reccommend this documentary to all fans of video games.

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