50 First Drafts Currently in My Blog

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Back again talking about drafts in my blog. I got so much of them I might as well write a list. These potential posts are drafts at different stages and will be published when they are done or when one of them would be more appropriate to post then something else. And as I have suggested this following list will hint at posts that will be published in the near future.

  1. Ernest Hemmingway Quotes
  2. 50 Live stream Video Game Ideas
  3. Best of Fact or Fiction? Articles
  4. Starters guide for writing: Writing Essays
  5. Ungroovygords Music Playlist 8
  6. Ready to Rumble, a movie review
  7. Yu-Gi-Oh deck and combos: Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck
  8. Stem Cells: Repairing Cells
  9. Search Engine Optimization Explained
  10. All Original Poems Written By UNGROOVYGORDs
  11. List of my lists including 100 listed
  12. Firas Zahabi Philosophy Article
  13. Drawing a Line in the Sand (poem)
  14. List of my Lists including 50 listed
  15. Dr Seuss quotes
  16. 50 Yu-Gi-Oh! Spell Cards that could be used in any deck
  17. The Paradox (Poem)
  19. UNGROOVYGORD list of album reviews
  20. The Sandman- Vol 2: The Doll’s House, a graphic novel review
  21. Tracking Potential Pirate for Power From Within: Vol 1 – Birth of a Utopia
  22. List of Food and Drink Reviews
  23. Adolf Hitler quotes
  24. A Press Release Example Created by Ungroovygords
  25. 50 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trap Cards that could be used in any deck
  26. List of Lists of Older Content
  27. 50 Fantasy Versus from Real Life
  28. The Freedom of Speech – Essay
  29. The Visible Colour Spectrum
  30. 50 Best Bob’s Burgers Episodes
  31. Modern Tribalism (Poem)
  32. Impressive Video Game Records
  33. Top 10 Writing Prompts I Could Make into a story
  34. All book reviews I have written
  35. Rick and Morty Volume 3, a graphic novel review
  36. My Current Book Collection
  37. What Are Your Answers? Quiz! – 1
  38. Booking Professional Wrestling Board Game Idea
  39. Fact or Fiction? Antarctica is more active than you might think
  40. People I know – Written Interview with (2 people are in this process of answering final questions.)
  41. Starters guide to writing: Connections
  42. 100 Influential images from history
  43. Timeline of Technology Discoveries
  44. The Elevator (Short story)
  45. My List of social media contacts
  46. Mick Foley quotes
  47. Collectivism vs Individualism
  48. The Ronnie Johns Half Hour special, a tv show review
  49. 50 Live Time Countdowns for New Releases
  50. 800th post

With ideas like this I will never run out of ideas to write and create about.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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