Joe Rogan Questions Everything, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

42mins (2013) Documentary

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A documentary American television series that follow entertainer and stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan. The host of the podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, takes the skeptical side to all things paranormal and mysterious. Each episode is a presentation of a topic with interviews of people claiming anecdotal evidence and various field research trips attempted to gather evidence.

Distributed by the USA television channel SyFy, Joe gets to the bottom of each subject or topic. At one point he straight up says his bullshit meter is going off the scales. While Joe is a fan of the strange and the unusual, this show is more about the what if? then hard science. It is about the fringe and unexplained and that is all it needs to be an entertaining show.

Even though this show was cancelled after one six episode season, this show is original for a documentary debunking television series. If you are a fan of Joe’s other projects, you will enjoy this show. Duncan Trussell helps with the overall production values of the show as well. Check out an episode and decide for you self. I recommend this tv show to fans of the unexplained, determining real truths other than conformation bias and Joe’s performance to actually making this show entertaining.

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