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“That is not a good start for the day. I can not fail this opportunity. This is always what I have wanted. I write and I write, barely getting by. This time there is no limitations and I make the rules. I have all the time in the world to get started. Then the connections will come. I just got to drink this coffee and get in the zone. This is my chance to make an impact and I will not stop moving forward.” –  Lee Sonogan, INVADING LUCHA – 2018

In this following article it will contain journal entries, a few scripts, movie posters, trailers and more. INVADING LUCHA is my first short film I have created. It goes for 42:30 minutes and its genres are as follows: Music, Thriller, Mystery. It all started as a small project in my journals in 2017. This short film premiered on my YouTube Channel UNGROOVYGORDS Production on the 16th of November, 2018.

Journal Entries:
Day 65 – 9/6/2017

The Invading Lucha? A writer trying to come up with an interesting idea is stalked by a man wearing a wrestling mask – Twist Ending

Day 66 – 13/6/2017

Page improvement on Invading Lucha

Day 68 – 14/6/2017

Tripod coming soon

Day 70 – 7/7/2017

22:53 Minutes in three days put together. I like it, but someone needs to give me feedback on it

Day 71 – 8/7/2017

INVADING LUCHA – Next scenes: Finish Frost Beast montage, quick food montage, couple ideas on the board, setting alarm, put on shoes, metal detector

Day 72 – 9/7/2017

4 days of recording. 31 Minutes of estimated footage. Tripod part got broke. Finish montage on beach

Day 73 – 10/7/2017

Need to film in the city. Tripod broken, fixed and improved.

Day 75 – 28/7/2017

Went to the city – 92 individual shots. Got voice overs. Need to film more at the beach. Keep chipping away at it!

Day 76 – 31/7/2017

short film growing! ACT 1 – Footage 100% percent (More edits) ACT 2 – Footage 90% (2 shots needed in Melbourne) ACT 3 – Footage 25% (Final action scene, develop build up towards the ending of the short film. Ending Credits – 99% (Last shot of ratty, make sure all text is correct)

Day 77 – 2/8/2017

short film ACT 2 – no rat! more drinking, housemate shots, jamming scenes, sleep, leave house veranda. short film ACT 3 – nothing on roof shot, loading screen, document message, vo reaction shot, computer light come on, freak out noise shot, set up ladder, searching for mask, entering back in room, more!

Day 80 – 6/8/2017

Did filming on the weekend.  3 minutes needed city, 3 minutes left needed at house. 8 minutes needed simmo stuff.

Day 82 – 12/8/2017

after mirror shot, double lucha shot, stare down shot, flee out door, run around house, double shot lucha’s running, quick get on bike getting away fast, look like got away, running away and cover, lucha coming at him, at cliffs escape shot, make it to pier and see lucha coming close, luchas fuse, fight commence

Day 83 – 18/8/2017

Act 3 shots – put phone away in desk, light candle, computer shuts down by itself, stand up and look around, kick in extra sound, mirror conversation

Day 84 – 19/8/2017

Lucha convo – ACT 3

L – Hello Victor

V – What are you?

L – A freind

V – You do not seem like a friend

L – I am here to help you

V – shut up!

L – If you do not comply I will force you

V. – How can you do that?

L – I will show you

(First draft of the first conversation between Victor and The Lucha – Not used in the official film)

Day 88 – 1/9/2017

Yesterday got the footage with simmo. Got Clone effect to work. Lots of edits and trimming.

Day 90 – 4/9/2017

Remaining footage I need to get: ACT 2 – City shot Lucha, Jam sesh. Act 3 – fix mirror convo, crash bike, r into the forest, more double lucha shots

Day 103 – 7/10/2017


1. ACT 1 17:18

2. ACT 2 17:51

3. ACT 3 18:07

4. Opening Credits 2:57

5. Ending Credits 3:12

6. Production video 0:20

7. Estimated overall 59.6 mins

There is no more relevant journal entries after that. From 7/10/2017 to 16/11/2018 much more was changed, added and edited from various types of feedback and proof watching. Editing and creating this movie was delayed in 2018 because I was working as a stablehand for six months. In the end the official short film is 42:30 minutes long. Also I still have two lists from people who gave me important and nessary feedback from watching this short film privately before its official release.

A few images from the short film:


Conculsion: For my pre short film premiere promotion I attempted to promote and advertise. Also I was able to get my two trailer for this short film on a website called strawvine ( I was happy how the short film turned out. And not as happy about its current stats, but this is what I predicted initially on YouTube. I intend to get more views on this video with a slow burn. The link to the video is below this paragraph.
Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?


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