Ant-Man and the Wasp, a movie review

A movie review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2018) Action, adventure, comedy

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Scott Lang: Anyone seen a Southern gentleman carrying a building?

The second Ant-Man movie and the twentieth movie in the (MCU) Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a budget of $162-195 million, this movie made $622.6 million at the box office. This movie was announced three months after Ant-Man in 2015 released and, due to Marvel’s packed Phase Three lineup, they had to move the release dates of Black Panther 2018 and Captain Marvel in 2019.

This movie stars Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and a supporting cast that includes Lawrence Fishburne, Micheal Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Evangeline Lilly and much more. First movie collaboration for Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas, who, despite both having careers that span more than three decades, have never worked directly together. The same is true for either Douglas or Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne.  Sharon Stone was considered for the role of Janet Van Dyne.

In the comics, the Ghost has never fought Ant-Man. This is the second superhero movie based on Marvel property debuting in 2018 wherein the main actor (in this case, Paul Rudd) also has a writing credit. The first was Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2.  This movie was filmed under the working title ‘Cherry Blue’.

Ok now this superhero movie had some interesting things in it. The quantum realm concept in it and interesting and visually impressive. This movie was able to produce amazing cineatic images in moving form. At the start it is sorta slow and the story developement is a bit meh. such as the CGI ants use. saying that the small size scenes are as impressive as the first movie. Towards the last 40 minutes it starts to get way better. The ending looks good while ending to a logical conclusion. I recommend this movie to fans of movie.


Scott Lang: I do some dumb things, and the people I love the most – they pay the price.
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