WWE PPV Results – NXT Wargames 2018: Matches and my Ratings

Results written by: Lee Sonogan

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I do not normally report on wrestling too much on this blog, but this show is worth talking about. On the 17th of November, 2018 it was the second WarGames PPV under the WWE brand. In California, 13,598 people attended the Staples Center to see the annual event. Watching the 10 minute highlights of the hour weekly show, each match had a story going on. With being a day before the 2018 thirdy-second WWE pay per view event, Survivor Series, and living up to the legacy of the WarGames professional wresting speciality match, the show had a lot of expectations for being good. In this following list I will explain why this was one of the best WWE NXT branded PPVs I have seen in a long time.

Matches and Results

  • Singles Match – Matt Riddle defeated Kassius Ohno (0:07)

Ok this was the worst match of the show but it was quick. Matt Riddle’s promo in the ring was short and sorta intertaining. I rate the match 2.3/5.

  • Two out of Three Falls Match for the NXT Women’s Championship – Shayna Baszler (c) defeated Kari Sane 2-1 (10:55)

It was very fast paced and strong hitting from the start. But that made me think it was going to end early. Then former MMa fighters Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir came out and did stuff that developed the story they were trying to tell. First Dakota Kai comes out to help. But its three against two. Then Io Shirai regarded as the best female wreslter from Japan comes out and breaks out some crazy moonsaults that she is known for. In the end the bad guys win. I rate the match 3.4/5.

  • Singles Match – Aliester Black defeated Johnny Gargano (18:10)

Now as you can already see at the end of this pargragh, I have rated this match 5/5. Johnny Gargano has had one before rated by Wrestling Observer writer Dave Meltzer.Why not one more? His matches against people when they are longer then ten minutes are always impressive in my opionion. Aliester Black and Johnny Gargano both have great in-ring chemistry together. This match had it all, and it was a singles match. It is 5 stars in story, technical wrestling,  High flying and fast movement and maybe most impressive, innovative and very hard-hitting with all sorts of moves you could of never thought of. I rate this match 5/5.

  • Singles Match for the NXT Championship – Tommaso Ciampa (C) defeated Velveteen Dream (22:25)

Tommaso Ciampa is an another professional wrestling who is able to produce enterttaining and believable matches. There is two stories for each wrestler in this match. The champion’s obsession with power and chaos and The Velveteen Dream’s story of becoming a main eventer. Using the power of Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The psychogoly in the ring in this match poped the crowd nearly as much as the match before and after. This was a really fun match to watch with it also being impressive in some innovation and pure endurence from enduring hard hitting strikes and impactful moves. I rate this match 4.3/5.

  • (Main Event) WarGames Match – Pete Dunne, Ricochet, and War Raiders (Hanson and Ray Rowe) defeated The Undisputed Era (dam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Rellil, and Roberick Strong (47:10)

The concept of the WarGames match was originaly done back in the eighties. It is two profession wrestling rings with a steel cage around both. Teams can only win when eveyone in the match is in the cage. This match was a spot fest like expected. Springboard moves, double.multiple teams moves, heel Undisuted Era stuff, tables, and even stuff off the cage. My two biggest problems with the match was that Pete Dunne got locked away for too long and it lacked an interesting for me going in watching the weekly tv results. I rate this match 4/5.

YouTube 2018 WarGames hightlights to watch the whole thing to believe everything I have tryed to explain in this post. Now if your still reading and you’re not the bigest WWE fan, NXT and the Takeover PPVs streaming on te WWE Network are some of the best wrestling matches and shows out there. I may have already mentioned this somewhere but, you can get a free trail for a month on it for free.

PPV Overall Rating: 4/5
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