Movies/Film Appreciation Week!!!

An announcement written by: Lee Sonogan

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Starting as of straight after I post this, and I will only be posting movie/film related content for 7 days. These seven days will also be in honour of my first short film release on YouTube four days ago. A link will be provided below. I have many reviews that I could get through in this week while making articles and lists about the various topics/subjects of the art of movies/films. Having some already prepared they include new and old movie reviews and a few lists. I could also do articles on upcoming movies or anything interesting I find good enough to post to my blog during this week.

You may have seen past posts of potential ideas for posts I have done before on this blog. This particular post came from my master potential ideas list. Most of them are reviews with movies being the most listed. Over a 100 of them I think. It goes back to before I was writing my blog and I was listing every single thing I watched. and again this older list was mostly movies listed in their individual genres. I posted it ages ago on the blog, fixed it up from its original messy list, but not perfect.

Pitching ideas off my head I could include would be MostĀ Anticipated Movies of 2019, Top Ten Clint Eastwood Movies, Movie Trilogy reviews, 50 Best Action Movies, The Making of INVADING LUCHA, Best movies that were first books, 50 Best Songs Written for Films, Sundance Film Festival Explained, 50 Movie Special Effects That Do Not Cost Anything, and probaly much I could list. I got 300 words so that is enough for this uncategorized official announcement. So this is me informing you to stay turned for that interesting movie knowledge.
Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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