Regular Show Vol. 1, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2014) Comedy, adventure

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“The book matches the tone and style of the show perfectly: a surreal sitcom where almost literally nothing makes complete sense but nothing happens at random.” – COMIC VINE

The first collection of the all-ages comic based on the Cartoon Network animated series.  Regular Show is an Emmy-wining show that is now currently over. But the comics of the series continue. In this first graphic novel of a collection of crazy short stories is very similar to the animated show. But these stories are drawn with a unique style and new original content. It was written by K.C. Green and illustrated by Allison Strejlau. This collection of sort stories is the first to fourth issue of the comics put together.

The comedy based in this graphic novel and animated television show is based on mundane situations and developed into a surreal situation. Also it shows satire and farce elements in its characters and stories. Mordecai and Rigby, the two main characters bring their comedy chemistry to this graphic novel as well as the park’s crew. In the original concept for Regular Show, it was called Normal Show and it was about animals who take care of humans on display in a zoo.

Stories included in this graphic novel:
  • Thrill Baby
  • Wide Awake
  • Sugartown
  • Freegans

Re-reading this graphic novel today, I want to buy the second volume and more of the series. First off this grapic novel is funny and very quick to read. The art work is impressive. My favourite story in this graphic novel is the first story where Muscle Man creates a mosh pit. Hearing that in the later issues they create stories based 25 years later, I am interested to read more. Even the Adventure Time/ Regular Show comics sound interesting. I recommend this graphic novel to every who is the fan of the show.


“… this comic book nails it and nails it hard. Fans of Regular Show will be right at home here, and who are unfamiliar with the show are in for a zany treat.” – IGN

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