First Impressions of Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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The enhanced remake of the 1998 video game called Pokemon Yellow. I Pre-ordered Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! about a month ago and got extra Nintendo points on my Nintendo Switch account. It is the first installments of the main Pokemon RPG series of the Nintendo Switch. If you look at rating reviews on google right now you will see its getting an average 80 percent or higher in many different players. I had it already pre-downloaded so when it was available to play yesterday when it was released I play it for over 5 hours.

I Been playing Pokemon games for years now. Pokemon hacks to mostly all of the remakes. So I can compare a lot of details to why I think this video game is one of the best Pokemon games out there. I am motivated to make interesting points towards that argument. For starters this is a near perfect Pokemon remake. My only issues with it so far is that there is no Pokemon effects, Pokemon can not hold items and it only has the first original Pokemon in it. Otherwise it has been really fun for all the time I played it yesterday.

As all Nintendo Switch games, it is gonna look amazing. The new console improves the video quality in an interesting and unique way. It just looks good on a screen or playing it handheld. Compared to the last Pokemon 3D games Pokemon: Sun and Moon, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, it has improved drastically. This only improves in Pokemon Battles and travelling through the high-definition map on a Pokemon. Speaking of Pokemon Battles, there is so much new animations and camera angles which makes the turn based combat easy to play.

So where am I up to? I am just before Rock Tunnel. You will know this cave if you played the original Pokemon games, Red and Blue. Just got the ability to use flash with my Eevee. In the Pokemon game the starting Pokemon either Pikachu or Eevee has more features than usual. Such as HM’s do not take up move slots, they are secret abilities taught to your starting Pokemon. No more HM bitch Pokemon to carry around because your starter is one. While these starting Pokemon do not evolve, you can catch an other Pokemon in the wild and evolve that one.

Wild Pokemon battles are gone and no longer needed. This means that they have put in more trainers you can fight and other means in gaining experience points. A Pokemon in your party get experience after every Pokemon you defeat. With your battling Pokemon getting the most like normal. Than you can get even more by catching Pokemon. It has a similar catching feature like Pokemon Go. Apparently there is a Pokemon Go park in the video game to exchange mobile Pokemon Go Pokemon to Let’s Go.

In the first paragraph I said I have only played 5 hours. Well I only have 3 badges. So this is going to be a long game for me. I do not know how they did it but they found a perfect balance where anyone could play this game. Easy enough for anyone to pick it up and challenging enough for player such as me. Also it has more than enough new features to appeal to wider audiences more than other Pokemon games made by Nintendo. Mixed with the original theme song and full of nostalgia, I am gonna play some more as soon as I post this. I will be definitely giving this video game an official review in the distant futures for a score out of ten it deserves.

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