Top 10 Reasons I should do a Free Horticulture Course

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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The Australian government is providing free courses next year in Victoria, Australia. Being currently unemployed, I should take this free opportunity to educate my self and fill in the spaces on my resume. With these courses normally costing thousands of dollars, there is many choices that are decent. I have chosen horticulture for many different reasons and I will explain them in this top 10 list. This list is in no particular ranking order.

  1. First off I believe I am eligible – You cannot undertake more than two government-subsidised courses in a calendar year, and you cannot have commenced more than two courses at the same level in your lifetime. I was concerned about not being eligible because I already have a cert III that was government-subsidised. But now I know I can get two from the information I mentioned above from the Victorian government website.
  2. I have done a Cert III before – A few years ago I did a government-subsidised that was a Cert III in Logistics. Google defines logistics as the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. This is very similar to the definition of horticulture. The practise of garden cultivation and management.
  3. The horticulture courses are 10 minutes max away from where I live – This means less traffic. Less money put in for fuel. And maybe even get better car parking spots. I have driven past the Chisholm Institute of Technical & Further Education many times and now I may get to attend a course there.
  4. Cert II in Horticulture is an apprentice pathway course, Cert III is Not – This means there is two choices of the same type of course I could choose. Both courses meet the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). And both give you skills for garden management and much more.
  5. I get to save the money I saved for doing a Bachelor of Arts – Working as a stablehand at a horse breaking place this year I have got some cast in the bank. Wanting to major in a writing degree, this new opportunity seems more important at the moment. I will always be a writer and continue to create, but investing in this worth it for my now. I will continue to be a self learner in all areas of topics/subjects i am interested in regardless.
  6. Experienced in some aspects of Horticulture already – Not in the theory sense but the practical sense. I help out with maintaining the backyard and done similar type of work in other jobs I have had. With that experience I believe this course will come easy to me and only give me more understanding to the other related horticulture work I currently do not know how to do.
  7. I could make content on my blog from what I learn in the course – Horticulture is an interesting topic. Plants are an interesting subject and used in many different ways. Pitching possible ideas of the top of my head I could write about include: Top 10 Fasted Growing Plants, 50 Most Profitable Plants,  How sell what you grow, 100 Interesting Decorative Plant Displays, Grow your own maze and much more!
  8. It would give me a routine again – It would get me out of the house and be more mentally and physically beneficial for me. Health wise it would improve my circadian rhythm and planed time where I am busy at TAFE. Maybe I could meet some decent people there.
  9. Help one of my potential retirement business plans – Thoughts and ideas come to me all the time and I write them down. Concepts.ideas I can apply to my writing or life stuff. Owning my own land and farming was one of them. This could be my chance to get started on that idea. I have already started writing a business plan and design in a blank paper book.
  10. It is FREE!!! – There is no more to be said.

From 1 January 2019, these free courses will take effect. These are my thoughts on it. After all these reasons I am growing more interested by the opportunity. There is even many electives for this course for me to choose. I will choose the best electives that would be useful for me to design my potential retirement business plan. If you can apply any of the information being taught by the free courses, you should strike while the iron is hot.

“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because some one expended effort on them.” – David Fairchild
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