Fact or Fiction? Oumuamua: The First Known Interstellar Object

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“The more we study ‘Oumuamua, the more exciting it gets.” – Karen Meech

Last year an object entered the Milky Way, shot around the sun and then left passing close to Earth. Nicknamed Oumuamua, it was shrugged off as an asteroid or a comet. With new analysis from many sources, the mystery continues to deepen. From the shape to its trajectory that was observed something does not add up. Speculation world-wide have said it could be aliens or even an artificial intelligence probe. Whatever it is it seems unnatural.

Discovered by the Pan-STARR 1 telescope in Hawaii, they coined the name of the object. In Hawaiian it means messenger or scout. From a study reported in Nature Journal this object was subjectively about 1,312 ft long and very elongate. Perhaps ten times as long as it is wide. After more observations and calculations it is said that it was moving at 95,000 kilometres per hour. An object moving this fast and moving past the sun should have broke apart.

Oumuamua is unlike anything seen before. It is very different compared to the characteristics of a comet or an asteroid. Comets and asteroids from within our solar system move at a slower speed, typically an average of 12 miles per second (19 km per second). That mathematically proves that this object is not from around here. And it is impossible to predict the point of origin it came from because within that time the stars would have changed position.


Oumuamua will not be coming back anytime soon. It has a unique rotation as well. The light observed from the object suggests that it is rotating on more than one axis. One possibility could be it is stumbling out of control. Now to what we do not know.  It is still unsure what it is made of. And there was no expected loaded of dust and gas detected coming off it. We knew something was coming, just not when. It is too far away now to know what it is doing now.

To further speculate right here, if it was some sort of space ship wouldn’t it make logical sense to use the sun’s energy to change direction at great speed? Or better yet gain fuel? The gravitational forces of this universe seemed like nothing to it. The Milky Way Galaxy moves at 1.3 million miles per hour. For this object to move 95,000 kilometres per hour with this galaxy is amazing. I am no astrophysics, so you should do the math and see that this object has unnatural numbers with the limited observations and analyse we can do here from Earth.

“This additional subtle force on ‘Oumuamua likely is caused by jets of gaseous material expelled from its surface. This same kind of outgassing affects the motion of many comets in our solar system.” – Davide Farnocchia

Fact or Fiction? I am still undecided. There is a lot more about space and its forces that we still do not understand. Or it is of alien origin.
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