Ready, Willing, and Able

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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I am ready, willing, and able,

Knowing what I want and need,

I do not need to be under any sort of label,

Only I have the ability to proceed.

Be the shepherd of your own direction,

Let yourself out of your self designed cage,

Controlling your own self-reflection,

Becomes stronger with age.


Opportunity is everywhere,

But can you see it?

Not if you’re not willing and stuck in a stare,

It is time to climb out of the pit.

Adaptable to possibilities and change,

Prepared for anything that comes your way,

New concepts and ideas are in your range,

Be the predator, not the prey.


You know you are ready when there is no more doubt,

Able, you will protect the meaning and purpose of it with your life,

This is too important to take a shorter route,

You will guard it and become one of the wildlife.

You will feel it in your soul,

This is something you will know,

It will become a black hole,

When you put in the effort, everything will flow.

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