The Sandman – Vol 1: Preludes and Noctures, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by: Lee Sonogan

(1991) Graphic novel

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“Some things are too big to be seen; some emotions too huge to be felt.”
Neil Gaiman, Preludes & Nocturnes

I have heard about The Sandman from reviews online and some mentions of him in other comics/graphic novels. Today I get to share my thoughts and opinions of the graphic novels/comics . Preludes & Nocturnes is the first trade paperback collection of the comic book series published by the DC Comics imprint Vertigo. It collects issues #1–8 in colour. It was first issued in paperback in 1991, and later in hardback in 1995 and features an introduction by Paul Wilson.

In 1988, Neil Gaiman wrote an eight-issue outline for a new Sandman series. Reading some of his other DC work and recommendations from friends I had to check out The Sandman. Even Gaiman says this series was the best he has ever written. The story is about an occultist attempting to capture Death instead traps her younger brother Dream instead. After his years of imprisonment and eventual escape, Dream goes on a quest for his lost objects of power to reclaim his reign.

Issues in the graphic novel:
  • Sleep of the Just
  • Imperfect Hosts
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me
  • A Hope in Hell
  • Passengers
  • 24 Hours
  • Sound and Fury
  • The Sound of her Wings

This book past my expectations and much more. Firstly the art, style and content is very original and fascinating. The story is dark, gritty and philosophy to a point where I can say it’s really good. Then the main character Dream is awkward, smart and very god like. The Sandman is just one of The Endless. There is so many great concepts developed in it that the DC universe where the story is based in is pushed very far to the back. John Constantine makes a cameo in this book. I recommend this graphic novel to everyone who like the super hero genre. The next volume in the series is The Doll’s House and I have already read it since finishing this review..


“You can know anything. It’s all there. You just have to find it.”
Neil Gaiman, Preludes & Nocturnes

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