Chapter 1: Isolation – Power From Within: Vol 1 – Birth of a Utopia

An excerpt from the Novella Power From Within: Vol 1 – Birth Of a Utopia written by: Lee Sonogan

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Today I will share the first chapter of my first book. For reasons I am only going to began to explain. And to find a new direct audience that could be potentially interested in my Novella that did not want to pay. Please feel free to comment below and give me any positive or relevent constructive feedback on the first chapter of my novella. Enjoy!

Overall description:

Worlds, dimensions and infinity power. Possible through a trip through your own subconscious. The main character, Joven, a 29 year old telemarketer, experiences the power that fuels space and time and merges with it, turning himself into a godlike superhuman. That has the power to do anything he can imagine. With next to none limitations to his powers, he changes the world with his friends. But arrogance, selfishness, pain, anger and violence linger in the unseen darkness.

Chapter 1: Isolation

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.”
– Plato

“What is this, where am I … who am I?” thought the man wearing a suit jacket and jeans, who is awakened up by the waves of the ocean. He had short hair and resembled the look of an English hooligan. He looks up and sees that he is on some sort of island on the beach. Confused and shocked, he peered towards the forest, seeing the suns reflection off trees full of fruit. This human instinct gave him a feeling of relief, but the suns reflection seemed odd to him, so he looked up towards the sky. “What the… shit, what the fuck!” thought the man. The sky looked like an inferno, collapsing within itself, with blinding types of colours. With all this shock, he lay down on the beach and tries to calm himself down. “Ok… ok, something has happened to me where I have ended up on this island, resulting in me with god dam amnesia,” thought the man looking into the sky inferno. “And this sky is nothing like I have ever seen. Is it the end of the world or am I hallucinating?” Thought the man. The man turned to his side and saw a crab the size of a small child. As the man stares at it, he notices the odd colours and shape of it. Then, the crab quickly scatters away. “Ok…” said the man. The man stands up and raises his hands and gives the sky the finger, “FUCK YOU SKY, THIS PLACE, I’M GOING TO REMEMBER WHAT HAPPANED!” yelled the man. So, he turns to the wide forest. He enters the forest.

“Alright, I’ve read a survival book before I think, I can plan to survive this,” remembered the man. He walks through the forest full of many unique looking plants, flowers and trees. Even some look familiar to him. Sounds of birds in the distance. And a sound of water rushing in a different direction. “Survey the area for resources for weapons, food and shelter, and memorise the way around this place,” thought the man. Then the man realises his has not checked his pockets. So, he checks if he has anything useful and maybe if there’s something in there that will help him remember. He checks his left pocket and finds a box of matches and a pack of cigarettes. “Well, I guess I’m a smoker”. He puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it. He then checks his right pocket and finds a paper-clip, a pencil and a small notepad. For some reason finding this gives him a feeling of hope. He scratches a mark into a tree. He decides to walk around the island and map down all its details. During this walk, he saw more of those odd crabs, ashes his ciggie on a tree, gathered some fruit and saw a mountain area. “There’s gotta be something up there,” thought the man.

So, the man walked and climbed up the steep mountain full of interesting vegetation, which seemed like something he has done before. The man ponders at his thoughts as he pushes his body on the mountain. Trying to remember his past, he feels a little frustrated. Stones and pieces of vegetation poke at his feet in his shoe. Stopping on the mountain at least three times, he rests and gets the annoying stones out of his shoe. He reached the top of the mountain as the suns was about to go down within the still bright inferno. He looks at the view above the island. There is water going forever in every direction. Then, he sees a cave with a large entrance and just stares at it. Without considering anything else he walks into this cave.

In the darkness, the man carefully walks forward. Then comes to a sudden stop. He stands in the darkness looking at the ground. “What, what, why did I just do that, it’s like I zoned out and something else was drawing my body into this place,” thought the man. With one hand he looks at his pockets again, now in the dark. Anxiety sets in, so he decides to light a match. He carefully pulls out a match and strikes the box. Then, to his surprise, he sees a mining lantern in the light of the match. His sudden claustrophobic feelings vanish, and he removes the lantern and lights it. Revealing an odd-looking mouse with horns that runs away and other lanterns in a long tunnel. He shrugs his shoulders and continues through the tunnel. “If something is in this tunnel I’d be able to hear it and run,” Thought the man as he lights the lanterns along the tunnel. The man takes his time and about ten minutes go past. “Show me what you got next corner,” thought the man feeling very close to something. The feeling gets bigger as the man got closer to the corner. With every step, his worries went away.

The man came up to a corner of the tunnel, which leads to a huge hollowed out area, where there were many forms of insane plants. And a giant stone tablet, with unknown writing on it. Suddenly the man was overcome with joy in what he had found. “This is incredible, I cannot believe this feeling, and I almost feel high”. He looks at all the plants individually; he smells all the plants individually. “Hahaha, I can do this forever,” thought the man. He finds unusual flower and plants, some resembling, ayahuasca, azalea, poppies, magic mushrooms and marijuana and more. He takes off his suit jacket and places it safely to the side. He stands there with his hands on his hips now revealing a single and overalls. As he is exploring this place, seeing where everything is, he unexpectedly finds a doorknob in the other side of the vegetation wall and opens a hidden door, falling into the next room.

“Te-he I fell,” spat out the man as he gets on to his hands and knees and looks up to see a large fountain and some sort of bedroom. The bedroom has a few cupboards, ingrown vegetation, a table, a chair, the fountain, seeds of different kinds stacked in different places and a bed. He is stunned by entering the new room. Shakes it off. Then the man rushes over to the fountain and drinks water from his hands. The water quenches his thirst. The best tasting water he has ever had. In the water, you could see it was very clear and healthy in appearance. As he has his hands together full of water, he thinks…


So now, he decides to make trips back and forth to water each individual plant. Before doing those tasks, he picks up his jacket, looks at it and then decides to tie it around his waist. He completes all the tasks he set out for himself. Feeling good, he finds a place to sit. Now sitting along a wall, he tries to remember his past again. Still frustrated with his mind of his history, his mind changes to something else. He thinks about what tomorrow could be like. Then he yawns, “I’m pooped,” thought the man as he gets up and slowly walks towards the bed and collapses onto it. He does not think of much else. His mind is numb. He passes out very quickly.

Light flashes and then fades in. The man is writing on his notepad under a tree in an open field. Not fully knowing what he is doing, he draws. The man is over-calm with calmness. He feels the wind blowing on his face. “What am I doing here?” thought the man as he looks at the half-done artwork on the page. It had a tree similar to the one he was under and two people drawn as geometric shapes. It also had some of the sky drawn in with great detail. Patterns drawn in grey led rise above the tree. The notepad is then put on the ground in the confusion. The man stands up and looks at the tree and knows that something is wrong. Then, powerful physical vibrations start coming out of the tree. Filling the man with pain and sorrow. It all comes at him at once. Feeling such sorrow, he also feels connected to the place. The time seemed as it was lagging. He suddenly looks out towards the open field and sees a humanoid glowing figure in the distance. His vision blurs out of control. The man wakes up and is in shock. “What was that, have I been at this tree before,” thought the man, shaking off the intense feelings of the nightmare. Or was it something deeper and personal to him.

The memories of the last night makes the man get onto his feet and check out the plant’s area in the new day. He knew it was the next day because when he slept, he had many nightmares throughout the night. To his amazement, the contents of this area have changed and developed into more detailed, forms of what they were. Plus, the smell has changed too. He sits down among these developed detailed forms of life and reflects on his experience in this place and what he has learned. He no longer wanted to remember his past. His identity in the past was not as important as in the moment he was currently in. Deep down he felt some repressed ideas and thoughts. None of it he could describe. A feeling he gets from this place makes him think he needs to be here. He is happy to be here. Hoping and feeling important for some reason makes answers to big life questions. In the corner of his eye, he notices the stone tablet of size and detail above him. “This place is purpose, this is my meaning of existence, I shall become one with this place,” thought the man as he glares at the stone tablet and ponders its meaning.

Chapter 2: Origin

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