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Learning the maths and understanding reality has never been easier. I have also been interested in the forces of the universe for a long time but never could understand the mathematics of it all. In this great post it explains all the equations in a form of algebra. Even I have a better understand of it now. If I am going to explore Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity again this will be the first piece of information I will be using.

‘Theory of Relativity’ is a generalized term used for two different classes of theories given by Albert Einstein namely special relativity and general relativity. General relativity was originally published by Albert Einstein in the year 1915. Before general relativity, it was believed that gravity is a “force” which acts between objects that have mass. However, […]

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  1. This video is blocked in the US. Is there another link? I’m highly interested in viewing this content.

    1. Hi Catherine, I live in Australia and I am able to watch the video. I am sure if do your research it will be on their website or you might have to buy a subscription streaming service with the BBC content on it.

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