No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life – A Book I Want to Read!

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“It’s a little bit different because it’s more of a self-help motivational thing, but it’s still filled with ridiculous stories and things about my life and what’s happened and fun stuff and all those sorts of things.” Chris Jericho, – Interviews

The man of 1,004 holds and the ayatollah of rocknrolla has written a few books that I want to read. Or even an audiobook if he did it himself. The professional wrestler and lead vocalist to the band, Fozzy, Chris Jericho has written New York best sellers that are mostly autobiography. This time his latest book is a self-help book that shows the methods or principles how Chris Jericho is successful and maintains it.

“I was actually pretty excited about it, because I think I had done that to death at the time — autobiography, autobiography, autobiography,” Jericho said of the change in book format. The overall book details 20 principles that associate with a rule to live by and based on a real or fictional person (or group). Ranging from Toda to Stone Cold Steve Austin, each one teaches him a particular lesson.

Released on the 29th of August in 2017, I actually thought it was coming out this month for some reason. While wrestling pays a key role in the book, it has more to offer. Which is enough to get me interested. Plus there is a foreward written by Paul Stanley, a member of the band KISS and a part of one of the principles. If you are a wrestling fan I reccomend this book for you to check out like I have done.

“Also due to a good diet, smarter psychology, and DDP Yoga, my body felt great and I had one of my best career runs in the ring as well.” Chris Jericho, No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life

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