The Fields of Philosophy

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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There are four ways you are able to think,

Or a combination of two or more,

Ideology and theory may sink,

or swim depending what you choose to hear and what you choose to ignore.

Sub genres of philosophy expands,

Many thoughts on many different subjects in modern times,

Some dangerous in some people’s hands,

Philosophy can be positive or dangerous to justify anyones crimes.


First is metaphysics,

The study of the fundamental nature of all reality,

It studies questions that cannot be answered yet by determining its existence,

Does scientific observation and experimentation have a 100 percent guarantee?

Properties in space and time,

Using cause and effect to determine logical possibility,

What is real and what is the prime?

A lot still remains unknown in its probability.


Epistemology is the study of knowledge,

With logic being a subdivision,

distinguishing correct from incorrect reasoning blockage,

Knowledge is interrelated by logic and decision.

The distinction between justified belief and opinion,

Various methods, validity and scope,

In axiology nothing is given,

Ethics deal with the theoretical study of moral valuation that rises in a slope.


Axiology is a philosophy that studies value,

It addresses ethics and aesthetics,

The study of action and values,

Also conceptual problems associated with feelings, senses and genetics.

Value is also determined by individual tastes, cultures and more,

Knowledge such as value theory and meta-ethics are used,

Aesthetics is the value of beauty at its core,

Subjective and personal infused.


Logic is a combination of all three previously mentioned,

A balance of all fields is needed,

With one missing you could be tensioned,

All branches of philosophy sometimes need to be seeded.

There is many ways of forming arguments and reasoning,

Sich as historically or geographically,

Seeing through the eyes of philosophy is awakening,

You instantly start seeing more emphatically.

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