Fact or Fiction? The Pyramids of Egypt were Electric Power Plants

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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In this new series of articles labeled Fact or Fiction? I will determine truths in theories and hypothesis. From conspiracy to realist arguments, with the evidence I gather it may persuade you to believe in it. Never forget it is fact or fiction so all truths will be always subjective towards each subject or topic that could be written. New information as of the last three years suggests that ancient Egypt had electricity and had lots of it. How could pyramids create electricity you may ask? Well there is many forms if evidence pointing towards this civilization had better technology than previously expected.

The pyramids are mostly known for the tombs of former pharaoh and much more from ancient Egypt. It took years and years to make and to this day people have not known how it could have been made, until now. 2.5 individual stone blocks were put together to make the great pyramid of Giza. The blocks were made with persistence with not event a needle or razor blade can fit between them. Each part of the pyramid had 200 layers and each part had to be perfect. Made of mostly limestone blocks the interior is made up of granite.

Ok now to the theory and how it works. The pyramids were coated with limestone which acted as an insulator to keep energy inside. Granite lined the shafts, causing ionization of the air meaning an electric charge. Due to water channels underground below the pyramids, electricity was transmitted by way of additional channels to the pyramids from the moving water. The capstone made of Gold, as a conductor of electricity. In theory that makes sense and many other cultures around the world are rumoured to have created energy in that way.

This theory is firmly rejected by mainstream researchers. Mainly because if it is proven that past civilizations were more sophisticated than originally thought, everything imposed on us that we have learnt could not be based on real truths. Even though what I am suggesting is hard to believe, there is numerous patterns and details of the world that tell different stories. There is evidence that they had metallurgy, advanced engineering, chemistry, physics, advanced forms of mathematics and a correct understanding of Earth and all the planets around it.

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Hieroglyphs was a language and an art form used by the Ancient Egyptians. And they are found in every confirmed tomb such as the Valley of the Kings. If the pyramids were used for tombs how come there is not hieroglyphs at the pyramids? As for technology found the best example is the Baghdad battery. It is said Alessandro Volta created in the 1800 hundred while the Baughdad battery was found in Egypt dating back way older. Going back to the pyramids, Nikola Tesla performed an experiment that was very similar to the construction of the pyramids of Egypt.

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Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower were systems that generated negative ions and were capable of transmitting them without the need for electric cables, a completely free and wireless energy that powered other electrical components through vast distances. This is what is rumoured that the pyramids could also do. If you studied the tens of thousands of hieroglyphs and engravings in ancient Egypt, you can clearly see something is weird with them. Why would an ancient civilization document nonsense?

I have no professional experience to determine anything about this but I think I have provided enough information and personal thoughts for you to make up your own thoughts about it. Who knows there might be more secret chambers in pyramids that will reveal more information. For more about the possibilities of advanced ancient civilizations please check out Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson’s work for solid external research information. If anyone knows more about this and can explain why it is not possible then please comment below.

Fact or Fiction? Undecided and still a little skeptical


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