Muse’s New Album Simulation Theory

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Muse is one of the most original sounding alternative rock bands that I have ever heard. As the tittle suggests the masters of sci-fi and electronic wizardry have a new album coming out next month. The new album has been trickling out, day by day by already releasing singles from the album that I have heard. Simulation Theory’s release date and track list has been announced and will be shared in this article.

The eighth Muse album was recorded by AIR Studios in London, England and will be sold under the label of Warner Bros. and Helium-3. Between January 2017 and August 2018 was the length of time it took to complete this album. The last three Muse albums were concept albums which dealt with darker themes. This album intentions with this album was to create lighter influences from science fiction and 1980’s pop culture. You can clearly see these themes in their new music videos

Track list for this album:
  • Algorithm
  • The Dark Side
  • Pressure
  • Propaganda
  • Break it to Me
  • Something Human
  • Thought Contagion
  • Get Up and Fight
  • Blockades
  • Dig Down
  • The Void

Dig Down, Thought Contagion, Something Human, The Dark Side, and Pressure have already been released. Dig Down and Pressure are my two favourites so far with the other songs being decent. They also intend to sell two deluxe editions of this albums with more songs and different versions of their songs. They have already announced a 2018 festival tour of North American and more tour dates are to be released in 2019. I sure hope they come to Australia again… On November the 9th, 2018 Simulation Theory will be officially released out to the public..

I’m feeling the pressure
I can’t break out
No one can hear me scream and shout
Get out of my face, out of my mind
I see your corruption
I’m not blind
I’ll carry the burden and take the strain
And when I am done I will make you pay – Pressure, Muse

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