700th Post!!

Written by: Lee Sonogan

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Finally I have reached another 100 posts. In this last 100 posts I have written some of my best stuff and added a Shared Content category on my blog. For my next 100 posts I still have many ideas and drafts that can be published. So I will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Thank you if you are a follower of this blog or only check out this site every once in a while when something interesting pops up or is found.

Recently I have been working on my short film and it is more complete now since my last short film update post. Literally only need to re-record a few voice overs, add them in and then do a final check. Also the overall estimated time length is shorter now compared to what I have previously said. Might get an official trailer for INVADING LUCHA before I officially release my short film to the public.

December 30, 2017 I posted Ungroovygord’s first writing contest. This competition is now closed due to no one submitting any content. It is disappointing that this contest did not get any traction. Thinking how I can do better I got an idea for a new competition. I have a 3DS and a decent amount of games that I have been unable to sell at a decent prize. Maybe in the future I will create a new competition with the 3DS and games as top prizes?

Other than that there is nothing else that I should mention right now. Just stay tuned to this blog to see what I do next. The video below is of the AFL that I do not watch. But I needed a relevent 700 video for this 700th post.

Here are some links to my book for sale:


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