Revolution, a book review

A book review written by: Lee Sonogan

Russel Brand (2014 ) Politics, humour

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“The most potent tool in maintaining the status quo is our belief that change is impossible.”
― Russell Brand, Revolution

This is the first Russel Brand book I have read. In this non-fiction book Brand advocates for a non-violent social revolution based on principles of spirituality and the common good. From reading the first chapter it is very clear Russel Brand is very passionate about these subjects/topics. Published by Random House, it received a mixed critical response. Brand was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on the current-affairs programme, Newsnight. Paxman asked: “How, may I ask, is this revolution going to come about?”. The book, Revolution, is presented as an extended response to that question.

This book brings up a relevant arguments and proposals to create a better world once implemented. In a world of corrupt governments and political parties pointlessly similar, this book shows enough well researched information that change, and improvement is possible. The book draws from Brand’s own experiences and observations. Relevance of his drug addiction compared to the average person. Discussions that draw from counter-cultural authors. And relevant historical events. Also, in my opinion, he style of writing helps to get some of his points across.

Being both serious and funny, I want to read this book again. Do not be discouraged about this book because of the author and what you think of him. Like everyone else he just wants a better world for everyone. His message is important and very logical. The only bad things about his book is he might go in a different direction randomly in a comedic fashion and the solid social and political philosophy ideas he has will not work if everyone is not on the same page about it. I recommend this book to people who have seen more then one of his content.

PS – In the far future I wish to write an interesting political type of book just like this.


“I used to believe in the system that I was born into: aspire, acquire, consume, get famous and glamorous, get high and mighty, get paid and laid.” ― Russell Brand, Revolution


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