Top 10 Pitches I want to Send Out to The World

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Writing about pitching before, this following list is ideas and content I want to pitch to people in different ways. In order this list shows 10 to first pitches I intend to potentially pitch to the world. It will be summaries as each pitch will be done for different reasons and will need to be planned out in greater detail.

  • 10. Number 10 is finding a publication for my fantasy novel Vengeance of a Brutal Cry once it is complete. Still in its first draft this project is close to being done. I will need to find the perfect fantasy book publication to pitch it to.
  • 9. A project I intend to finish by the end of this year. After Invading Lucha goes live and is shared everywhere. I would also pitch it to film festivals and competitions at the same time.
  • 8. This pitch is going to take longer. With Vol 1 already out for my Power From Within Novella series, I want to put all the volumes together in one book and find a book publication for it. In Volumes this book will be self published while one day when all of them are together I will create a novel great enough for a publication to take interest in from a pitch.
  • 7. More cold pitching ideas to online and magazine publications that do not have a public submissions policy or contact information. I will research the publications and come up with ideas they do not have that I can write. Then in the pitch describe the importance of the content I could write that they do not have.
  • 6. Causal Pitching to submissions online and magazine. This may include submitting content under their guidelines and rules. I have done this before with not much luck. Always do the research because you might get a reply saying that your idea or content is not what they are looking for in their particular publication even if it seems like it would.
  • 5. I want to collaborate with other people. Maybe a long-term writing project or contributing some of my existing work into some sort of collection book. If I committed to such an idea I would make sure I was part of the collaborative pitch as well.
  • 4. Writing for an authority in a specific industry is something I am interested in. Usually affiliate pitching involves no payment and already has a pool of relevent content already. But doing a guest post or contributing to their busines/industry is a relationship worth having that is mutually beneficial. There is many niches I know and Ideas that could be pitched to industries if I was motivated to do so.
  • 3. One way I can go at pitching is Influencer pitching. Having a decent amount of a following on social media I could market all my pitches towards an existing audience I already have. Your influence on a target audience is an idea that could be used to get published in certain publications.
  • 2. Hot pitching will be the most pitches I will try to do starting from now. In the potential pitches I will convince whoever may it concern why I am the best person for the job in the idea I am pitching. And only pitch an angle with one or two specific points.
  • 1. Saving this one for last. My movie script 1vs1 is of 17,000 and more words and is ready to be pitched. Saving the script for some time now, I need to commit to a plan for it. If I submit it somewhere there is no guarantee chance they are going to take it. I am thinking of paying some money to talk to an agent experienced in such things and see where to go from there.

By today and when I get around to it, all potential plans I have could change. With some time and effort any pitch has the potential to be successful. I sure hope my pitches get better and I am successful in my new goals. Self-publishing content is one thing, getting noticed and getting help from someone else is an other. With my passion and skills I intend to attempt to make perfect pitches based off the ideas on this list.

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