Batman: The Black Mirror, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2011) Graphic Novel

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“Combines the real world elements that have made the Christopher Nolan movies so successful with stylised visuals that only the comic medium can provide.” – COMPLEX MAGAZINE

Selling as a NEW YORK TIMES bestseller, this story ends the final arc in the original run for Detective Comics before the series was rebooted. The issues of Detective Comics are #871 – #881. Set after the changing events of Final Crisis, Dick Grayson picks up the mantle as the new Batman. The storyline deals with the villain Tiger Shark and the return of James Gordan JR. This story is written by Scott Snyder with illustrations by Jock and Francesco Francavilla.

Batman was presummed dead in Final Crisis, but re-appears in this story and creates Batman Incorporated. Using his money for Gotham to be better prepared. The story continues as the crime in Gotham does not stop and there is a mass murderer on the loose. Then things start to pick up as James Gordan Jr returns after a long hiatus. Eventually there is even an appearance from the Joker which is always fun.

Does wonderful things in low-key moments while each part of the dialog has great development and connections. It’s dark, the character of Dick Grayson is great as Batman. A story I would read again. And finally it has some of the greatest artwork to be part of Batman comics/grahic novels. The ending may be a bit predictable but the journey to it is done in a great way. I reccomend this grahic novel to every who like good Batman stories.


“The art is beatiful. The writing is terrifyingly spectacular… one of the darkest, most enjoyable Gotham City sagas in recent memory.” – IGN

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