Curiosity Plus Ignorance

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Ignorance killed the cat; curiosity was framed!” – C. J. Cherryh


Ignorance is easy in its simplicity.

But it is below compared to true interest,

You need to wonder at complexity,

Follow your curiosity and be consistent.

The first virtue is curiosity,

A burning itch to know more,

It may be quick in its velocity,

With little effort it is easy to ignore.


Exploration, investigation and learning,

Curiosity helps us survive,

Sometimes it can become concerning,

Being curious makes you feel alive.

Remaining in ignorance can mean less change,

They are afraid to turn, question and try,

With lack of information things can get strange,

You can not be curious if you turn a blind eye.


Curiosity is associated with all aspects of human development,

While also being an emotion,

Ignorance is not elegant,

But it is different in slow motion.

To be curious is a proud confession of ignorance,

While we are as only blind as we want to be, 

Truth will always be truth, despite any indifference,

Always be open to any type of enquiry.


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