Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gets a Battle Royale Mode

An article written by: Lee Sonogan


Not owning a Call of Duty video game for a long time, this new video game has caught my attention. In the 15th installment of the Call of Duty franchise, it is the firth entry in the Black Ops subseries developed by Treyarch. Owning many versions of the Call of Duty video games the Black Op games have been the better series. The upcoming multiplayer first person shooter game is interesting with its new Battle Royale mode and new and improved zombies mode with 5 already made maps.

This new game will not contain a single player campaign to focus on their multiplayer, zombies and Blackout (Battle Royale) modes. Studio head, Dan Bunting had this to say about it “It wasn’t a campaign as people usually refer to it anyways, How can you say what happened to this thing that wasn’t. It was a multiplayer game,”. For the new game they have new content mixed with remade older content. Returning specialists from the last Black Ops are Ruin, Prophet, Battery, Seraph, Nomad, Firebreak with Recon, Ajax, Torque and Crash are new additions.

Multiplayer has been reworked to be more tactical and teamwork impressive. Such as a manual healing system, more weapon customization, more mods and attachments, recoil patterns and much more. 5 fan favourite maps will return such as Jungle, Slums, Summit, Firing Range and Nuketown.  There will also be solo missions modes that contain backstories for each of the specialists. While I have played a lot of multiplayer on COD before, zombies was more interesting to me.

Cooperative multiplayer zombies will be returning to Black Ops better than ever. With promises of wide ranges of customization and personalized play styles, the new trailers for zombies are as cool as the other ones. This video game will be the first time zombies will feature two separate storylines. At launch there will be three zombie maps automatically on the game. Voyage of Despair, which takes place on the RMS Titanic .IX, which takes place in an Ancient Rome arena and Blood of the Dead, a soft-remake of the Black Ops II map Mob of the Dead.

Now lets talk about Blackout. The new battle royale mode will be the largest map featured in the Call of Duty series. Using the traditional Black Op combat style players will compete with each other through locations appeared in previous games. Land, sea and air vehicles will be available to use while you can get zombie themed weapons at zombie locations such as the Asylum or lighthouse. Other than that is will have the same rules/gameplay as PUBG or Fortnite and run/look at lot more smoother.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will release world-wide October 12, 2018. There is a beta out there that many people have already played. So I have seen game footage by people on YouTube. I am considering buying this game for the PC. But I know it will be very expensive. And this is the time of the year where all the new video games come out… Anyway, this video game has a lot of potential in more than one way for me and I just might need the new zoms.

“We try a lot of different ideas and a lot of different things. The game that we are making has evolved over time, and that’s just a part of development. I can’t remember a single game that we’ve made that hasn’t had a dramatic change in the prototyping stage. That’s what prototyping is for. You prototype ideas; some of them work out great, some of them don’t work out great and you pivot. You find a new idea [and] focus on that. We follow the fun.” – Dan Bunting

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