Idiocracy, a movie review

A movie review written by: Lee Sonogan

1h24min(2006) Adventure, comedy, sci-fi

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Narrator: Unaware of what year it was, Joe wandered the streets desperate for help. But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valleygirl, inner-city slang and various grunts. Joe was able to understand them, but when he spoke in an ordinary voice he sounded pompous and faggy to them.

This movie is about Private Joe Bauers being selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes five centuries in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he’s easily the most intelligent person alive. With a budget of 2-4 million, it made over 495,000 at the box office. This movie was written and directed by Mike Judge and stars Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph and Dax Shepard.

Mike Judge came up with the idea for the film while he was visiting Disneyland with his family and saw two mothers, with kids in strollers, fighting and cursing at each other. He thought it would be horrible if humanity was like this in the future. The film takes place in 2005 and 2505. Nearly all of the logos for actual present-day companies are altered in the future. The logo for FOX News is the logo in use by the network at the time of this film’s release.

The concept of the film was previously used in The Marching Morons, a short story written in 1951 by Cyril M. Kornbluth. After disastrous test screenings, Twentieth Century Fox was unsure how to market the film. They sat on the near-complete movie for over a year. Then it was released only in six markets. Skipping over major markets such as New York. In the release, there was little to no marketing behind it.

Fun Fact – The average length of a shot is 1.9 seconds. The crass humour and aura of stupidity are not for everyone. But this movie is more impressive with its concepts and ideas. And the hidden jokes put into the backgrounds. I have watched this movie more than once and I would watch it again. Being an underrated cult comedy movie, it is also a philosophy movie with cultural themes/topics. The ending is either one of two things predictable from the movie. I recommend this film to anyone to see Luke Wilson’s potentially best movie or like the idea of the future concept.

Female Reporter: It started off boring and slow with Not Sure trying to bullshit everyone with a bunch of smart talk: ‘Blah blah blah. You gotta believe me!’ That part of the trial sucked! But then the Chief J. just went off. He said, ‘Man, whatever! The guy’s guilty as shit! We all know that.’ And he sentenced his ass to one night of rehabilitation.


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