100 Reviews to be Potentially Published on this Blog

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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If I am going to write lists about what I am going to potentially published on this blog, it should be a 100 list of what I have most. Creating a list that I use for ideas I could potentially write for this blog, there is hundreds of things out there that I could review. If you wanna see what reviews will be on this blog in the future then check this out. A third of these ideas have been already started.

100 review ideas:
  1. Sweet and Sour Pork, a food review
  2. Lemon Chicken, a food review
  3. Doritos and Salsa, a food review
  4. Spaghetti Bolognese, a food review
  5. Dim Sims, a food review
  6. McDonald’s cheeseburger, a food review
  7. Seafood Cocktail, a food review
  8. Sarsaparilla , a beverage review
  9. Creamy soda, a beverage review
  10. Milk, a beverage review
  11. Woodstock, an alcohol review
  12. UDL, an alcohol review
  13. The Bachman Books, a book review
  14. Beyond Earth, a book review
  15. Revolution, a book review
  16. Quantum Physics for beginners: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Theory Explained, a book review
  17. The Simpsons Beyond, a book review
  18. Minecraft: The Redstone Handbook, a book review
  19. The Big Book of Magic Fun, a book review
  20. Captain Underpants, a graphic novel review
  21. Adventure Time Vol 1, a graphic novel review
  22. Adventure Time Vol 2, a graphic novel review
  23. Regular Show Vol 1, a graphic novel review
  24. Aquaman – The New 52: Vol 1, a graphic novel review
  25. Superman – The New 52: Vol 1, a graphic novel review
  26. Rick and Morty Vol 3, a graphic novel review
  27. Flashpoint, a graphic novel review
  28. Flashpoint: Featuring Batman, a graphic novel review
  29. Batman: Death by Design, a graphic novel review
  30. Batman: Black Mirror, a graphic novel review
  31. Batman and Robin – The New 52: Vol 1, a graphic novel review
  32. Final Crisis, a graphic novel review
  33. Deadpool Kill the Universe again, a graphic novel review
  34. V for Vendetta, a graphic novel review
  35. The Church of What is Happening Now, a podcast review
  36. Powerage, an album review
  37. Master of Puppets, an album review
  38. A Perfect Circle, an album review
  39. Mutter, an album review
  40. (Korn) Greatest Hits: Volume 1, an album review
  41. Iowa, an album review
  42. One X, an album review
  43. 13, an album review
  44. The Eminem Show, an album review
  45. You Cant see me, an album review
  46. Adultery, an album review
  47. The Dark Side of the Moon, an album review
  48. Supersize Me, a documentary review
  49. Food Inc, a documentary review
  50. An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary review
  51. Zeitgeist, a documentary review
  52. The Culture High, a documentary review
  53. Constantine, a tv show review
  54. Drawn Together, a tv show review
  55. Morel Orel, a tv show review
  56. Final Space, a tv show review
  57. Futurama, a tv show review
  58. The Ricky Gervais show, a tv show review
  59. Neon Genesis Evangelion, a tv show review
  60. Avatar: The Legend of Korra, a tv show review
  61. Malcom in the Middle, a tv show review
  62. The Chaser’s War on Everything, a tv show review
  63. IT Crowd, a tv show review
  64. Summer Heights High, a tv show review
  65. How I met your Mother, a tv show review
  66. The Condemned, a movie review
  67. Edge of Tomorrow, a movie review
  68. Freddy vs Jason, a movie review
  69. The Godfather Trilogy, a movie review
  70. Lord of the Ring Trilogy, a movie review
  71. Die Hard, a movie review
  72. The Animatrix, a movie review
  73. Anchorman, a movie review
  74. Idiocracy, a movie review
  75. Armageddon, a movie review
  76. Dogma, a movie review
  77. Alien, a movie review
  78. Deadpool, a movie review
  79. Deadpool 2, a movie review
  80. Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie, a movie review
  81. Back to the Future, a movie review
  82. Discipicable 3, a movie review
  83. Rocky, a movie review
  84. Pan’s Labyrinth, a movie review
  85. Ex Machina, a movie review
  86. Mario Party, a video game review
  87. Pokemon Snap, a video game review
  88. Star Fox 64, a video game review
  89. The Forest, a video game review
  90. Fire Pro Wrestling World, a video game review
  91. Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2, a video game review
  92. Warframe, a video game review
  93. ARK: Survival Evolved, a video game review
  94. Running with Riffles, a video game review
  95. Postel 2, a video game review
  96. Pokemon Coliseum, a video game review
  97. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, a video game review
  98. Blood and Bacon, a video game review
  99. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, a video game review
  100. Undertale, a video game review

Like I said before I have hundreds of more review ideas. I will mix the orders I post so it will be some from this list and some from my other list/s. Please comment below and tell me what review you wanna see first or a review you do not want to see on this blog.

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