Update #2: My Short Film

By: Lee Sonogan

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In the last update I did what I promised. If you go to my Twitter account right now you will see a movie poster for my short film. With this next update I have some more information I can share and one more content release. More time has passed and I need to finish this project for everyone to see. I have gotten more than enough feedback that I need. The project will be released before the end of the year.

That is the goal anyway. Only need to do small edits that do not involve cutting out parts of it. Now for where I am going to release it online. I have put a lot of thought into it and I have to use YouTube. For the short film I am convinced YouTube will be the best place for it. So the good news is it will be free. But since it is original content, I will be monetizing it. That means ads and as much as I can set it on.

That is how it will go down. Having ads it will also make sense to sell my own digital copies ad free on my blog at a very low price of one dollar. I hope that sounds fair to any potential viewer of the short film. If your still reading, I have one more move poster that you should check out. From here on out I will be deep in post-production.

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