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Comics and graphic novel stories narrated with most of the original artwork. Yes you can watch the complete stories of comics and graphic novels on this YouTube Channel. This channel must have saved me hundreds of dollars by each individual story by Marvel, DC Comics and the indies. Text, images and more are changed to avoid any copyright issues. The videos are narrated in a dramatic way improving the experience with reading. In this list it will be from tenth to first

10. The Multiversity


9. Ultron Kills The Marvel Universe!


8. Secret Wars


7. Blackest Night


6. Secret Empire


5. White Night


4. X-Force


3. Deadpool “Daughter, Marriage & Death of Deadpool”


2. Injustice: Year One to Year Five


1. Dark Nights – DC Metal

This list has many long video while there is so much more shorter videos between 10 and 20 minutes. There are YouTube channels that recreate comics and graphic novels as well. But Comicstorian is the best one by far. This YouTube channel has had over 500 million views and was originally created 27 March, 2014. Comicstorian is a EligibleMonster Production. Send hard copies, letters, fan mail or small animals to Eligible Monster Productions or Comicstorian PO Box 1869 Loveland 80539 to support them.

PS – All these stories are recommended by me!

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