A Rant about Australian Politics

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Australian politics has become an even more vicious and a unstable landscape. Federal governments like most countries you know anything can happen. For example Australia has a new prime minister Scott Morrison. With various sources from within Australian government there was various insurgents with intent on taking Malcolm Turnbull down. He delivered a live speech in government I saw and he unleash his honest thoughts towards all his colleagues. In this speech he spoke what Australia and the Liberal political party is failing at.

Australia has now had five prime ministers in just over 5 years. If political parties are attacking each other from the inside, when are we going to tackle the more important issues? There has been a promise of “economic and national security,” and drought solutions as the highest priorities. Those three may be important but the federal government is capable of setting more high priorities. Such as the rise of anti-immigration political rhetoric and Australia has increased its population by one-third in the last twenty years. From 18.5 million in 1997 to 24.7 million people currently in the present.

The current Australian population was predicted by the Bureau of Statistics to be 23.5 million people in 2051. So it happened 33 years early. Growth of Australia is similar to many other countries around the world. Is human overpopulation a side effect of growth or just bad management of laws and regulations? 4.26 billion people live in the Asia-Pacific region according to the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund. With a current 7.6 billion people in the world more than 3 billion people live in poverty. Do we need new citys to solve the overpopulation problems?

“The uncomfortable truth is since the coup of June 2010 (when Julia Gillard replaced him), Australian politics has become vicious, toxic and unstable,” Kevin Rudd wrote in an opinion piece for Fairfax. In his own words he also says politicians live in fear. Mainly of losing their job if they act on long-term policy. In other words, they are pandering to the “cult of opinion polls.”. Politics should be ethical in its actions. These actions lead lobbyists into politics with influence solely towards improving certain ideals/Companies. Do you think politics based on opinion and individual groups is the best idea for a government?

There is always solutions to a problem. Long lasting change ideas that are worth investing in. Eliminating the two-party system. Let us vote online to get the real number of votes. Create new laws and regulations in federal government that makes the whole process more ethical. From the ground up create new environmental based cities in Australia. Increase more apprenticeships programs nationwide. Create more easily accessable goverment scholarships and course. And probably hundreds of more ideas I could list out and go more in-depth on.

The point of this article was to establish some issues and have an understanding of solution we need to take for the upcoming future. Where politics is not a joke and we can move forward as a nation of people. I want to see growth more chances for alternative political parties. Maybe then we would see some politicians at a federal level worth believing in. I wish there was more political type classes in school to encourage more education people to be respectable politicians who can bring peace to the Australian political system. Overall, I predict to survive a another 50 years it will be a different place if we can sustain/maintain Australia and the world population at the status quo or above.

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