50 Lists to be Potentially Published on this Blog

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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One more list for today. As the tittle suggests this list is ideas I might post in the future on this blog. Some listed here have already been started. If you wanna see what type of lists I might post in the future, please check out this list. Famous People Quotes and Shared Content are not included in this list. The list is in no particular order.

  1. 50/100 Free online courses
  2. 30 More Jokes for the Lols
  3. Top 10 things I would do if I was a millionaire
  4. 50 Most Famous Poetry
  5. Top 10 things you do not know about me
  6. 50 Fun Pickup lines
  7. Top 10/50 Best Conan O’Brien Moments
  8. 50/100 Communication Skills
  9. Top 10 Professional Wrestling Finishers
  10. 50/100 Best Paintings of all Time
  11. Top 10 Things I want for my Bedroom
  12. 50/100 Best sculptures of all Time
  13. 100/50 Things I have experienced
  14. 50 Best Musical Covers of all Time
  15. Top 10 Posts on this Blog with the Most Views
  16. 50 More Books I want to Read
  17. Top 10 videogamedunkey videos
  18. 50 More Graphic Novels I want to Read
  19. Top 10 Comicstorian videos
  20. List of highest ratings from each category of reviews
  21. 100 Names of Planets You never heard of
  22. 300-400 Posts Published on this Blog
  23. 400-500 Posts Published on this Blog
  24. 500-600 Posts Published on this Blog
  25. 600-700 Posts Published on this Blog
  26. Top 10 Potato Chip Flavors
  27. 100/50 Things I have not finished
  28. 50 Best Vocalists of all time
  29. Top 10 Original Story Prompts Written by Me
  30. 50 Common Grammar Mistakes
  31. UNGROOVYGORDS Music Playlist 7
  32. 50 Best Cinematic Shots from Video Games
  33. Top 10 Public Domain Characters
  34. 50 Ways to get distracted
  35. 50 Impressive live musical performances
  36. 100 Important Events of Human History
  37. 50 Fantasy Battles from Fiction
  38. Top 10 Video Game Remakes
  39. 50 Video Games that need Remakes
  40. 100 Best Movie Moments or Scenes
  41. 50 What If? Hypothetical Questions
  42. Top 10 Pokemon Hacks
  43. 50 Even More questions Answered on Quora
  44. 100 Best Writers
  45. Top 10 Movie Locations in Australia
  46. 50 Best Cinematic Shots from Television
  47. 100 Best Professional Wrestling Matches of all Time
  48. 50 Epic Video Game Wallpapers
  49. 100 Public Domain Songs you can use
  50. To Do List (2018-2019) conclusion

This list here is only half the list ideas I have written down. Listing all these ideas out do they interest you? Comment below if you do not want to see any of these lists published. Not all ideas are worth committing to if some people do not want it.

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