OSW Review, a podcast review

A podcast review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2013) Podcast, wrestling

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For every wrestling fan, this is a show for you. The OSW Review aka The Old School Wresling video podcast is about a roundtable of critiquers who review wrestling pay-per views in a hilerious way. It includes cuts to video footage of each show they review. They even review some movies. Hosting the show from Dublin, Ireland, are longtime friends and 20+ year wrestling fans, Jay Hunter, Steve (Mr. OOC) and Steve (V1).

All credits for artwork/music/video clips is given at the end of each episode (otherwise they were made by Jay for the show). Features of the show include lots of videogame graphics and music, Simpsons references and WHAT BAR is he?. With over 100,000 thousand subribers on YouTube each review on average is a hour to two and a half hours long. According to their YouTube, it has over 47 million views currently.

After watching a Botchamania episode on YouTube was the first time I learnt of OSW. Learning that my freind liked it I started watching some and I was impressed with it. Critiquing wrestling is half the fun being a proffresional wrestling fan. The podcast hosts know what they are talking about and alsways make it fun. And the edited video comes with more then enough extras to be happy with. I reccomend this podcast to wrestling fans young and old. Would rate it higher if they came out with more reviews regularly.


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