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Written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Expect guests when the crow crows.”
Aporva Kala, Life… Love… Kumbh…

Hello to everyone who is currently reading this. As the tittle suggests I am looking for writer to cross promote with. Why should you collaborate with UNGROOVYGORDS? To keep up with other blogs and niches of your kind you will need to make online contacts. If you need someone to make content on your blog or you want to promote your own stuff in some way, you should contact me.

I create content that are reviews, articles, lists, poems, short stories, quotes and much more. Please check out my stuff before considering contacting me. I have also written a book. There is links to it below this blog post. What I can also offer the sharing power of my social media accounts. I can not offer payment towards your guest post unless the individual piece of content does not make enough views or make sales from ads.

Overall working together it would be a win for win situation for all involved. Please feel ask me anything related to everything I just said above. I am willing discuss any ideas and problems. My email is so you can also contact me there. I am also excited to write for someone else if they are interested.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.”
Anonymous, Holy Bible: King James Version

Here is some links to my book for sale:

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