50 Ways to get Killed in PUBG

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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I have played 564 hours of this video game. Now, it is my most played video game on the PC and Stean. I have about 8 Chicken dinners nows. Winning is very hard to do still. Getting to the top 10 is very fun to do. Above is an image of one of my Chicken dinners. The following list is 50 ways to die in PLAYERSUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

50 Ways to get killed:
  1. Parachute fails
  2. Knock on something close to ground and then parachute fails with you falling to your death
  3. Shot out of the sky
  4. Ran over by vehicle when you land on the ground
  5. Superman punched when landed
  6. A AFK is not a AFK when dropping at the end
  7. Just landed, someone starts to chase you
  8. Someone landed on the ground first and has a gun
  9. Shot from above when landed
  10. Land in one building with heaps of people going to it
  11. Land in a well-known loot spot
  12. Killed by a sickle, machete, crowbar or even a pan
  13. Shotgun kills you at close range
  14. Race against someone to get first gun fails
  15. Try to get first kill with a revolver
  16. Ran over by vehicle while running away
  17. Sniped long-range
  18. Someone popping up from behind the hills
  19. Running towards a vehicle in an open area
  20. Shot out of vehicle while driving
  21. Crashing vehicle and exploding vechicle
  22. Ran over by a boat while swimming
  23. Friendly fire from passengers of vehicle
  24. Friendly fire from dog people who want your loot
  25. Gas runs out and then shots directly at you
  26. Under fire and taking cover behind a vehicle that is about to explode
  27. Grenaded from above or below
  28. Stun grenaded and then killed
  29. Molotov cocktail to death
  30. Smokescreen used to draw you out and kill you
  31. Killed while reloading
  32. Killed from coming up from the behind
  33. Killed while looting
  34. Killed while looting a dead body
  35. Killed by the blue circle
  36. Killed by double damage blue circle
  37. Killed while healing
  38. Killed by a silenced weapon
  39. Falling down a mountain
  40. Too much fall damage
  41. In the red zone and get exploded
  42. Crushed by loot crate
  43. Did not see that guy in a bush
  44. Rushed by a squad
  45. Someone jumps of a building hurting them self just to kill you
  46. Get into someones car while they drive and something causes the vehicle to be destroyed
  47. Killed by everyone else going to loot box
  48. Killed missing the final shot against the last survivor
  49. Glitches out and you get stuck in a wall

You played PUBG yet? Not talking about it for a while I still recommend it to play. Below is a video of my latested compilation  of the video game. If I am going to continue to play this video game I will for sure keep recording footage for compilation 6.


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