Deadliest Warrior, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

42mins(2009-2011) Action, game-show, history

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Narrator: Who will be the deadliest warrior?

A television program that determines the deadliest warrior from history and modern times. Running for three seasons the show compares two types of warriors in various of tests. They collected relevant data through out the episode and there was a dramatized battle to the death after each episode to announce the winner between two warriors. This show first aired April 2009. It quickly became the number one show on Spike. What would happen if a pirate and a knight fought each other?

In the first two seasons the show was hosted by three commentors. Geoff Desmoulin a biomedical scientist and high-speed camera operator. Dr Armand Dorian a medical consultant and Max Geiger a simulations programmer. Providing constant relevant information they gave thoughts on each technical detail and each weapons test. In season three instead of warriors facing each other it was mostly individual famous people against each other. Such as Genghis Kong vs Hannibal.

Top 5 Greatest Warriors featured on the deadliest warrior:
  • Spetsnaz
  • Nazi Waffen SS
  • MAfia
  • CIA
  • IRA

The tv series documentary is interesting and one show that I have watched more than once. Even though this show was cancelled in 2012 it still is very watchable. It even spawned four video games after the show went off tv.  In the end the episode they were doing was vampires vs zombies. I recommend this educational tv show to all who are interested in the concept and the warriors in each individual episode.


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