Top 10 TED Talks

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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“By segregating art from science, physics from music, biology from architecture, we are seriously inhibiting the alchemy of wonder and invention.” – Dustin Yellin

Lectures on many different interesting topics/subject. I have used them sometimes for videos on my blog content. The conferences are made online with the intention of free distribution of ideas. Since it’s origin in 1984 the conferences have been held annually since 1990. Topics from these conferences include education, business, science, tech and creativity. This recommended video list is in no particular order.

Ted Talk Videos:

1. Do schools kill creativity?

2. How to spot a liar

3. The power of introvets

4. The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

5. The art of misdirection

6. Why we do what we

7. The puzzle of motivation

8. Thoughts on humanity, fame and love

9. Why does the universe exist?

10. What really matters at the end of life

While this is a top 10, they are all subjective towards different audiences of people. If TED came to Australia with a live I show, I would consider going. depending what subject/topics they were talking about. With over 100 plus languages you can clearly see the demand of curiosity in people worldwide. They have over ten million subscribers on YouTube and I am one of them.

“If we could build an economy that would use things rather than use them up, we could build a future.” – Dame Ellen MacArthur

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