Tropico 4, a video game review

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2011) Simulation, construction and management

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In this simulation game you get to run your own tropical island. As “El Presidente,” you play the game in bird’s-eye view. Constructing and managing people and resources in a political simulation. Developed by Haeminout Games it was published by Kalypso Media. Being a single player game it takes some time to get use to. I forgot I had this video game on Steam so I decided to re install it to my computer. Can you rule with an iron fist while managing multiple information at once?

Available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and OSX, it was well received by credits. In the gameplay there is a lot of choices and subtile humour. Politically you need to manage your people. From well-being to preventing revolutions. You can manipulate and see everything about each individual on your island. Then you also have to manage your foreign relations with other countries. Playing campaign or player made stages there is many ways to play this game. There even is some DLC content for this game.

Industries to build in the video game:
  • Cannery
  • Chemical plant
  • Cement factory (DLC)
  • Cigar factory
  • Electronics factory
  • Furniture factory
  • Jewelry factory
  • Lumber mill
  • Oil refinery
  • Rum distillery
  • Weapons factory

Playing it now for over twenty hours  now It was better than I remembered. I probably will play more hours of this video game. The choices to what to build, this game is addictively fun. At first it took me a while to learn. But once you know how to make money in the game it gets easier. The voice acting is good while the tropical music while good can get a bit repitive. I recommend this video game to everyone who liked any style of the Sim City games and anyone who is interested in its concepts.


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