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A list created by: Lee Sonogan

One of the best female comedians of all time. Solid comedian while being a writer and actor. Her comedy includes, political satire, blue comedy, black comedy, and insult, musical and character comedy. I liked how she is not afraid to talk about the taboo topics.

  • “But I think you can make fun of anything as long as it’s funny enough.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I tend to be more arrogant on stage. Far more ignorant. I sometimes say what I think and sometimes say the opposite of what I think and the lines get blurred, but I can only hope that some kind of absolute power transcends.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I will always try to be happy. I don’t think people really understand the value of happiness until they know what it’s like to be in that very, very dark place. It’s not romantic. Not even a little.” – Sarah Silverman, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee
  • “I never defend my material. Comedy is subjective.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I’m not the marrying type, but I always want to be with someone who is a fan.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I don’t set out to offend or shock, but I also don’t do anything to avoid it.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “When God gives you AIDS — and God does give you AIDS, by the way — make lemonAIDS.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I think the difference between being miserable and finding happiness is just a matter of perspective. If you live your life defining yourself by what other people think of you, it’s a form of self-torture.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “Don’t forget, God can see you masturbating. But don’t stop. He’s almost there.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “And we’re just all made of molecules and we’re hurtling through space right now.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “If you quit being cunty, the whole world will stop being against you.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I graduated from High School and they got the big drug slogan, ‘Just say no’, Nancy Reagan wrote it, a brilliant mind of our time. It doesn’t work, I think it’s really lame. If we’re going to have a big anti drug slogan I think it should be some thing much cooler. Like uh, ‘Just say… I’m good for now’. That would work. ‘I’m all set, thank you’. That’s another good one. Much cooler.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “The best time to have a baby is when you’re a black teenager.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “Sometimes loving each other isn’t enough. You have to be responsible for your own happiness. You can’t stay in a relationship because you’re afraid of the unknown.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “By the time I would have graduated, at 22, I was a writer and featured performer on Saturday Night Live.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “People can’t help what topics cut them deep. It all depends on who’s inferring – and what the contexts of their lives are at the time.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “The good news is hopeful doesn’t mean dumb. The bad news is cynical doesn’t mean smart.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “Some people need Hell. If you’re the type of guy who sees a hooker in an alleyway and instinctively thinks, “Hey, now there’s something I could rape and kill without any consequences,” then the concept of Hell might really keep you out of trouble.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I just don’t let that mentality be a part of my world.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I don’t need a lot of space.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “We live in a fun time with so many ways to express yourself, you would be crazy to be a comedian and not check them all out.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I don’t want to deconstruct what I do.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “It shows the truth – that the real meaning of a word is only as powerful or harmless as the emotion behind it.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “I think when you’re 25 you’re still finding yourself, and you should have the freedom of that.” – Sarah Silverman
  • “We deserve quality lives with equality.”Sarah Silverman
  • “Look at the people who are kind of the funniest cultures, they’re the cultures of the people who have been the most oppressed, black people and Jews. Not that they’re the only funny people, but culturally, it comes from the pain, you know?”Sarah Silverman

Jesus Is Magic, We Are Miracles and A Speck of Dust are stand up specials I recommend. Also I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman is a underrated talk show that premiered on Hulu. Season two is due to come out on September 6, 2018.

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