‘Should everything be in the public domain?’: Locked Creativity

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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Copy, share and make works of your own,

The Public Domain is where creative materials are no longer under copyright,

Ideas of the past that are known,

Are free to the public to use and write.

50 years of copyright is all you get from your original content,

Many to die rich with a trademark,

Some companies such as Disney caused an event,

A private ownership remark.


Nothing has entered the Public Domain in years,

Music, books and scientific articles are stuck in a legal limbo,

Under the last fifty years the world had access to the creativity of past peers,

What is absolute rights or people have zero?

Original creators deserve rights towards intellectual property,

But what is theirs and what is ours?

More art should be avalable that is not judged by authority,

New learning and work that artists can use for hours.


You can tell why they make remakes and adaptations,

Any idea from something old is a process of creativity,

New influenced ideas is mostly better with their actions,

In expanding cultures and technology it may be nessary.

Potential information that could be more,

Improvement is always better,

More rights for public use or owners get paid for supply and demand at its core?

There has gotta be a better way where no one gets bitter.

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