The Inbetweeners, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan
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Bartender: You got proof of age? Will: You have my word

A comedy series that uses blue, cringe and slapstick humour. The Inbetweeners is about four friends and their antics during their final years in high school. Receiving positive reviews and awards, two movies were made after this tv show ended. It was rumoured that there would be a fourth season in 2018 but that is not the case. Comedy in this tv show is not for everyone and that is ok.

The situations Will, Simon, Neil and Jay get into include, friendship, school life and lad culture. It is situational comedy highly influenced by the British subculture. The soundtrack to the show is also interesting because of the English bands music in show. The actors in the show portray students of the age of 16 while in the first season the main four actors were in their early twenties. Fun fact! Dominic Cooper auditioned for the role of Will.

Some facts about the actors in this show:
  • Greg Davies, who played the role of Mr. Gilbert; worked as a teacher of Drama and English for thirteen years in real life. He later became a stand-up comedian.
  • Before starring in “The Inbetweeners”, Simon Bird and Joe Thomas attended university together.
  • Belinda Stuart-Wilson (Polly Mackenzie) who plays Will’s mum, is only thirteen years older than Simon Bird (Will).
  • After finishing The Inbetweeners, Blake Harrison (Neil), became the voice of Scoop in Bob the Builder.

Will may be my favourite character of the show. It has been made as an American version of this series. It got cancelled after one season, due to negative reviews. The Uk version is much better and it is a show that you will get addicted to. With plenty of laughs there is many episodes that are very re-watchable. Then it is very relatable capturing the spirit of adolescence. I recommend this tv show to people of a male audience.


Will: Anyone can be your friend. All you have to do is hand round them long enough

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