WWE Super Show-Down at the MCG

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“WWE Super Show-Down will be one of the biggest sports and entertainment events of the decade. This once-in-a lifetime spectacular will showcase Australia to a global audience of millions in one of the world’s most iconic stadiums.” – Paul Dainty, TEG Dainty President and CEO

The WWE is coming back to Melbourne, Australia and it is going to be live. The 6th of October, 2018 a week after the AFL grand final, this live show will be at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. Currently being the 10th largest stadium in the world, it can hold 100,024 seats. WWE are going to attempt to break their past record of 56,743 there. The pay per view will be streamed live on the WWE network and available else where around the world.

Much like WWE Greatest Royal Rumble that was live in Saudi Arabia back in April, it will be a historical event for Melbourne and professional wrestling as a whole. With WWE pushing to be truly world-wide, the  Victorian Minister for Tourism & Major Events, John Eren said “The Victorian Government will keep bringing the biggest events to our state because these events are good for our economy, good for our tourism industry and good for local jobs,”.

Only one wrestling match has been announced. The last professional wrestling fight between The Undertaker and Triple H. It will be the first and last time since Wrestlemania 28 where they wrestled in a Hell in a Cell match. Many other wrestlers have also been annouced but anything is due to change at any moment. The other wrestling superstars set to appear are John Cena, Ronda Rousey, Shane McMahon, AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair, Daniel Byran, Randy Ortan, Shawn Micheals and many more!

I wanted to go see the show. But to get seats on the ground was way to expensive. I have never seen the Undertaker wrestle in person before. To watch wrestling you need to be able to see them well otherwise you are watching the show on a giant screen like everyone else in the cheap seats. I will watch it on the WWE network and expect the matches to be added to interest me.

“WWE Super Show-Down will be an epic event. Our Partnership with Paul Dainty reflects our ongoing commitment to the market and provides an opportunity to deliver an event of this magnitude.” – Vince McMahon

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