The Choice Is Ours, a Documentary Review

A documentary review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2016) Documentary

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“There is no such thing as a utopia.” – Jacque Fresco

Do you remember The Venus Project? I certainly do. The four-part documentary shows a positive vision of the world if we apply science & technology for the benefit of all people and the environment. The Venus Project is a Nonprofit organisation founded in 1995. They are advocates for a model of a future society. Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows began The Venus project 21 years after Fresco’s famous interview on Larry King in the seventies. Not everyone will agree with everything in this documentary but, It will make you think.

The documentary covers topics such as sustainable cities, natural resource management, automation, the role of science in society, psychology and much more. Fresco calls his ideas a Resource Based Economy. Using a social economic system with global implementation the Resource Based Economy is a good idea we should consider using. It is possible to achieve in just 10 years. Fresco’s ideas are based on technology and automation that we are already doing today. We should have more positive focus towards global pursuits.

Human nature is explored in this documentary. Our behaviour and problems do have solutions if you make systems of environments to solve them or avoid them all together. Human beings are the smartest animal capable of change. If these ideas would be implemented, it would mean redesigning a culture. All things end and need to be replaced. The Venus project is not a communist/socialist idea. It is a reasonable way to go when politicians and the left and right eventually become more and more obsolete.

People being interviewed in this documentary:
  • Jacque Fresco – Founder of The Venus Project, Futurist
  • Jeff Hoffman – Retired NASA astronaut, Dept. of aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Herny Sclinger Jr. – PHD, Dept. of Psychology
  • Karen Hudes – Economist, Bank Whistleblower
  • Erik Brynjolfsson – Prof. Management – MIT
  • Abby Martin – Journalist & Television host
  • Paul Wright – Author & Speaker
  • Mark Jacobson – Prof. Civil & Env. Engineering
  • Dylan Ratigan – Television host
  • Erin Ade – Reporter & Television Host
  • Paul Hewitt – Author & Teacher
  • And I think a few more

This documentary was made possible by crowd funding on the website Kickstarter. New ideas and current understandings of the world that cuts down to the point. This documentary is very informative based on good sources and information. Being low-budget it still holds up against any other great documentary out there. A plan that would only work globally and everyone becomes centrists on the political spectrum. I recommend this documentary to everyone who wants people to take risks as we grow into the broader future.


Jacque Fresco: When we computerize everything and start producing things and make things available it will be too cheap to monitor.

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