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“A classical computation is like a solo voice – one line of pure tones succeeding each other. A quantum computation is like a symphony – many lines of tones interfering with each other.” – Seth Lloyd, author of Programming the Universe

What is quantum computing? In computing, there is a physics concept of superposition and entanglement that has important implications for the way information is processed and stored. Superposition is the ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states at the same time until it is measured. For example, today’s computers process information in binary bits of one or zero, similar to a light switch being turned on or off.

The quantum supercomputers of tomorrow, will process information as qubits. One, zero or a superposition of the two states. Meaning it will use more of the tiniest subatomic particles which will make operations done more quickly and use way less energy. Quantum computing is a part of the fourth industrial revolution. It has the potential to be way more powerful than anything else we have to day.

So what can it do? This new technology can do many things currently while some ideas of it are only possibilities. At the moment it can be said to have secure your communication and information better than anything else. Artificial intelligence is being made with this technology. The hardest mathematical problems in the world can be solved with it. It has the power to run real reliable simulations. Even some theorize it works with parallel universes.

The idea of quantum computing was first proposed by physicist Richard Feyman in 1982. Then in 1994 a mathematician demonstrated how a quatum computer could be used to crack the common encryption standards. DARPA in 2003 were the first to bring online the fist operation quatum network. 2016 to now the computer processing power has only increased. Quantum computing and services are being used by IBM, Google, Lockheed Martin, NASA and probably many more.

Quantum computing is still years away. Saying that they are already in use. Some scientists have said quantum computers will be a million times more powerful than we have today. You can buy a quatum computer today but it will cost you millions of dollars. Will all technology become quatum based? It will maybe one day when it is possible to make them cheap for consumers.

“By any objective standard, the theory of computational complexity ranks as one of the greatest intellectual achievements of humankind — along with fire, the wheel, and computability theory.”
― Scott Aaronson, Quantum Computing Since Democritus

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