600th Post!

A uncategorized post written by: Lee Sonogan

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I said I would see you at 600. Since February 22, 2018 I have written 100 more posts on my blog! There is so much more to write about! And there is so much more I can do. Saying that I am busy. There is almost too much things to do. Starting from now I am taking four days off the blog.

I will return on the 3rd of July. Then hopefully I will have 4 days off work. I have around 20 drafts half done or close to be ready to go. When I return more will be ready to go. Plus I really need to do some more work on my short film. The ending credits need the most work.

700??? Yes, I will get to seven hundred eventually. I wish I could continue to do more. Need to manage my time more because of more work this week and I need to make progress on everything else that I am doing. Plus I need to get new work boots.

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