Stumbling through Amenability

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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Willing to answer, act, agree or yield,

Four actions that everyone has an obligation,

Using what you wield,

It is your choice in any situation or conversation.


Always agree to disagree,

Each interaction in anything helps you improve,

Decisions you act on is the definition being free,

You get more out of it if you get in the groove.


Thrown into incumbency,

Recently I have become more in charge,

Giving out directions recently,

It is currently winter in the marsh.


Stumbling into writing,

You have the freedom to say what you want,

Creating may be exciting,

Acting/persuasion should not influence strong personal preference or to flaunt.


Responsiblity is one thing,

Behaving positively as a human in life is an other,

You can not do everything,

Not alway do you get the choice of rather. 


You can go with the flow stumbling forward,

Or eventually get hit by a rock,

Keep your focus your word,

Greatness when it is your time to walk and talk.


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